Thursday, April 20, 2006

I write because?

I believe we all have some goals to accomplish. I'm not heading toward some philosophical debate. No, no and no.

But I truly do feel we all have certain skills and talents that make us different from the rest of the world. Certainly, everyone has something special about them. Maybe it is painting, drawing, listening...Whatever it is, it is there for us to develop...And even though some might deny it, we all have that special thing we discover (or have to) within ourselves. A strength or a weakness. A blessing or a curse. It all comes down to it, doesn't it? For me, like some of you my beloved compadres, it is writing. I've been doing so for as long as I can remember or maybe it is as long as I don't want to remember.

Why do you write? What makes you strive along one of the toughest business to break into?
Fact is, there are millions of people out there that can write. Millions of people who have a wild imagination and share their take to their own circles of friends and beyond. What makes you, dear friend, different from the rest? Have you sitten down to think of this while you stare blankly at words you just poured into your screen? Back away and think of it. What do you seek?
Recognition, fame...Money? Whatever your strive or muse might be, I'm just asking you to think of it again.


Because I feel it does bring things into perspectives again. That same fresh feel you had when you sat down the very first time to type your first words. Doesn't feel good? No? Well, it did it for me. Just remembering the first time you felt something so endearing you had to share it with the world. Maybe was it just for yourself to read again later down the road?

I'm going to say what some may think as total and utter bullshit. I like to write. I love to tell stories and I've done so in poetry, song lyrics and short stories. I am doing the same storytelling in a different path: Screenwriting. It's a vision really, it's something I HAVE to do. I could have drawn something instead right? But no, much to some of my readers' delight and my personal head banging, I have to write. Oh come on, man...This isn't like a curse or something. Of course it's not a CURSE. I love it when I sit down and start typing. I absolutely adore the images that crawl into my eyes and can't seem to go away until I push them out in words. This is me. I don't mean it to be the same for other writers.

I see DEAD PEO...oops...No I don't but I do see a lot of images and it comes to be my task to filter them and organize them into something readers can visualize. It's quite a process, ask all the screenwriters. It does take time, lots of it.

Writing keeps me live and sane. I'm no schizo but I do accept the darker side of me. I do accept the violence in my words and my images. Would I act upon them? You watch way too many movies. No, I don't. I write them down and put as much of the two parts of my own being into play. Light and Dark. Humanity and monstrosity. There's a balance. Writing is me tapping my yang energy. Well sort of. I write down as much images of my anger, hate and sadness into my words but I try to balance them with my own compassion, patience and hope.

This is what "Spirited Hearts" is about. It's my own personal piece on love that shouldn't be. A love I have felt that nearly destroyed me. I feel it everytime I add a piece. Maybe I feel too much but I've always been that way. I cry, I laugh, I smirk watching movies. Could be a hassle for me but hey, I love those moments. This is the art and I'm scrapping into getting into the business. Much like most of you.

I don't have anymore kleenex. Spare one old buddy?