Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Writers know it all.



We don't know everything but we can research. We can also get the opinions and suggestions of other people who take the time to actually help in whatever way they can. What really pisses me off is the fact that some actually blow their heads so big they would brush away a possible nod or direction pointed to them. I've never done that. I take the time to go into that direction just for kicks. Just so that I can learn something new...And sure, sometimes, I do know the facts or concepts already. I'm appreciative of the effort though. I'm one who would salute the chance to link myself to other writers within and without the industry. Doing this without having to blow others aside simply because I can though.

That's what pisses me off. No, I'm no angel, I'm not perfect and certainly not optioned yet. But does that make any of us less important? Aren't we eligible to some opinions? Please?

Most of us are trying to get there. To get to a point where we could have some recognition. Someone tells me something. I listen. I'm smart enough to consider/see if it's worthy to check and pursue. And where are we, if not in a small community online? Where's the solidarity? Sometimes, I do swear, that it does feel like those accredited with a sale are actually more sympathetic to talk to than some non-optioned or n00bie writers. Again, I am one too, fellas. I'm learning the ropes as much as I can try to help others.

That's what I do, that's who I am. Can't deal with that? Boy, aren't you in the wrong field.

There's an ocean of knowledge out there and it is impossible for all of us to know every little thing. I love reading Deus, Broughtcut, Purple and CL because of the insight they give. I respect that but I respect even more all those guys and girls who take the time to help me get a bit more knowledge. Of course, I do take a lot with a grain of salt but hey, at the very least, I do know they are trying to be helpful. I respect them for that. Should I blow them away for posting/calling/emailing/PMing me? Nope. I always try to be curteous but blunt. You got to love contrast right?

Yes I feel bipolar sometimes but I do mean what I write. I try to avoid any misunderstanding and I do re-read myself quite enough when I post opinions. There's no excuse about online not allowing me to convey my emotions. If you can feel them on this blog, why don't you do the same? You're a freaking writer or you're not.

So blabla... I don't need to bother with your note...Coz you know
what hommie? I got the brains and the skills.

We might have read or heard of something but to have a complete knowledge of a subject? Show me anyone who can tell me every little details and that can, confidently, say that he knows every miniscule fact about it...I'd point you a freaking liar.

Venting...Hell yeah.

Now, some of you would know me in real life and smirk at my words. I'm not difficult to hang out with and yes, I can pass sometimes to be an irrate a-hole. Are you different when something or someone nudges you in the wrong way? What? You can? Well, guru, I bow to your exquisite peaceful patience. Who I am is this guy there, at the corner, talking and arguing with all of you if need be but I will learn and I can concede a nod when I do learn something new. I'm not that stuck up to brush away whatever someone can offer to me.

We learn. We listen...And our writing and knowledge get better.

Online persona, guys and girls, is not so different than in real life. Just beware not to mix-up a blunt constructive critic with an asshole.

btw.. Don't expect me to post every day. Hi Christopher ;-)