Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A little extra blink-blink

Here I am, close to finishing the first draft for "Spirited Hearts". What a struggle it was to make sure the writing followed the structure and outline I made for it. I have this much more respect for my fellow screenwriters. I could feel their hard work and the dedication they have made so that one day, they can go and query their specs to HW. For me, as an aspirant screenwriter, it also comes from balancing every aspects of my life and disciplining myself to write a page a day. Not an easy feat when I have so much work to do in everything else. I can tell that "Fade Out" will be the sweetest couple of words I will type. It's not that I hate the work and the writing. Quite the contrary, but I have so many ideas popping out in my head, I think I might go crazy one day. It's all about balance and hence one of the reasons why I need to take my time for each script.

Have to admit, I've started to work and play with my next script idea, "Forgotten Masquerade" and I have my muse to thank for my eagerness. Sure, I thought of her as my main character in all my scripts except Spirited Hearts, but now, I do feel ready to tag some more time with her. It's not an obsession I have with her (Yes, Hi Natalie Portman<< cheap personal plug ) It's just I imagine her so easily playing the roles I've casted her with...Like that would really make the directors or studios nod to me and send her the script. Well, who knows? I can still dream, can't I? After all, I am already living my dream in a way. I am building that foundation. Nothing shaky, I want my guests to feel the solidity of my work and passion.

I know I came a long way and the road ahead seems to go on and on. I can feel and read "Fleeing Letters" and "Sisters of Mercy" with a smirk. I've evolved with time and writing. I experimented here and there before removing what didn't work. It's what I've done with "Dark Glimmer". It's imposing now at 113 pages when it was 134. I've cut a lot and I know there's some more I could take away to make it slimmer. Thankfully, I've certified the DG's rewrite with the LOC for copyrights so I could potentially send it to paid script analysts and consultants. I wouldn't have done it any other way. It's a peace of mind I need to go forward with another script.

By the way, I have received some feedbacks from DG and expecting some harsh and negative comments, I've been surprised by the notes I've gotten for it. Apparently, I am doing good (considering it is my first/complete feature script) and the story was interesting enough that some of the readers won't mind reading what I will send out next. It's little victories that make a little difference. It allows me to breathe, knowing I will be able to send it sooner or later to consultants and pay money for it.

Some people asked me if I did send my scripts around to HW's prod-cos. I answered them negatively. I want to make sure I get better and that my chances are not blown away. Sure, I can still try to sell and pitch my ideas or concepts but first things first. When I step through that door, I want to be able to show them something tangible. I'm in no real hurry and I will continue writing until I know I have plenty of scripts and ideas I can share with HW. Not a moment before. It's a question of self-respect for me. As I said before, I don't have much and I'd be damned if I can't convince someone who can make things happen. I'm patient. I have to.

Overall, I got some good nods from character building and story/concept. I need to work harder on my structure but everyone had shared the same note when they wrote it will come stronger with time and experience. I'm actually glad to hear this. What made me smile, was more than a couple of readers noted that my descriptions are often long but flowed well enough, Keep it short as I can. I'm thankful to have read their thoughts and opinions. This is the support I am looking for from my peers. Not just "Yes, I love it" or "No, I hate it", the notes were plentiful and insightful. I will respect their wishes and not tag their names here. You know who you are, ladies and gentlemen, and my thanks are not enough for the help you've given me.

One of them actually started reading me since I've started in my new endeavor. He hated Sisters of Mercy (although he liked the concept), laughed at Fleeing Letters (I cried...well, you get the point) and nodded to me with Dark Glimmer. I can't wait to send him Spirited Hearts. I know I feel good about that one. Then again, I feel good whenever I finish one to concentrate on the next. A friend told me over the week-end, after reading some of the notes I've got, that it was more than just me now. It was others as well. In a way, he got it right...I've got to prove to all of them that I've improved over time so I could say, sooner than later, how ready I am to get to HW. It won't be paddling time. I'm coming, full steam ahead.

Wait...My brakes are not working!