Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's about creation. Not inspiration.

A little something while I am taking a break.

I should have gone back to feature. I should tell myself it's impossible to break into the Japanese market. They have enough people, some say, that knows the market and the anime needs. Sure. It's the same thing in Hollywood. Difference is that HW doesn't stop at the ethnicity trap. Call it racism, call it xenophobia. I rather see it as total bullshit.

I could have blamed my fate to be non-Japanese but hey, it's my life and I got to do what I can during my time here. Can't just bitch at things and wait for the next life. Now, I look at the american market and I see the potential for it to grow as much as the Japanese one. I'm not talking about morning or after school cartoons here. I am referring to anime. Mature ones...You know, something like McFarlane.

It got to start somewhere. This passion. This love. It can't just die out because one market decides to look at his belly button. Man, where's the likes of Dai Sato when you need them, huh? I'm sure there are people working in Japanese anime studios who could accept ideas from a gai-jin like me.

Where are those?

There is a strong debate I could certainly be part of. I want in. I've loved anime and its background enough to know my way around. I'm no hack. Plenty of things to learn and I'm willing to do just that. Learn. Adapt. Improve. The question still resides. Where do I go to?

In the meanwhile, I continue writing on my episodes and babble on DDP. Bless their hearts, the posting members are able to pull away the stress from these questions. However, I do know I'll need to come to terms and find answers to these questions of mine. I started asking for direction from outside. Animenation and frognation are two of the different places I have sent emails to. More knowledge, I suppose, before I step into the unknown.

My TNO is being created page by page, idea after another to rage into episodes. My creation, my work that's stamped on an inspiration denying itself to allow me in.

Will it be "Banzai" or "Yippee"?