Saturday, June 24, 2006

It's a BIRD, it's a PLANE...Nah it's just a scribe.

Got to update it. Right.

Summertime sucks. Plenty of reasons to do something else than just staying home in front of a computer. Possibly even catch up with my fleeing social life and get out into the sun (actually moon). Of course, my mind is still racing and there are plenty of ideas I have to put down on paper.

So balance is something I must strive on at this point. I’m being very good, imo. Watching movies, reading scripts and much less time online to spend on forum posting.

My number is up for 2A logline lottery but I don’t seem to be picking up a lot of beat and posts on my two entries. It’s a shame really but then again, I’m not sure what I need to do to boost the suggestions. I participated before, posting my thoughts and all. Doesn’t seem to reciprocate. Ah well.

I try to lurk in DD whenever I can. I’m fond of the people there. A good atmosphere even if it reads a bit rough sometimes. Always plenty of helpful guys and ladies there. The only thing pissing me off over there seems to be my post # lowering every freaking time I post. Yes, yes…It’s all about that sweet OoO.

Like I said, I’m trying to catch up on my social life but refuse to go out to clubs and bars every week-end. For me, it’s a waste of money, time (hang-over recovery time included) when I could do something a bit more productive. It’s St-Jean Baptiste here in Montreal and along with the Formula 1 special week-end, main arteries being closed for side walk sales, party nights all over and the ongoing World Cup, I’ve got plenty of good reasons to be out. I must be some kind of hermit. I’ve gone out only a couple of times and limited my appearances to a couple of hours for each of them. Got to pay up sometimes.

So here's my list of attempts to go out and do something:

- going to Tokyo Bar on Thursday, Friday and Saturday? FAILED

- going to the St-Jean Parade? FAILED

- Going to meet friends for Formula 1 parties? FAILED

- Going to coffee shops and looking bored? YESH!!!!

And my mind is racing still.

I got an idea that’s booming in my head. Alright, alright, I have more than ONE idea but focusing on just one right now. Some writers and scribes would know the feeling when they got a concept that could be kicking asses and making studios tap you on the shoulders. I got it before but this time, I feel I have a champ.

I can’t post anything right now. I didn’t even enter it into the 2A lottery (then again, seeing how well I am doing there, I wonder if crickets would not start singing). So I’m playing with the outline and a treatment. Logline is done and it reads very nice. I am actually really proud of myself here. Gauchita mentioned I have to write something really close to my life. I have to write about my life and I got something that is as close as it gets when it comes to follow her suggestion.

Haven’t seen her online for awhile. With my mind racing and pondering if I did or said something stupid, I got to cool off on the paranoia thing. She might be playing polo or something for all I know. Hope to see her online soon. You got to love DDers. I said it once and I’ll say it again.

I’m going to give myself up to September for this feature. Just make sure that it reads and flows great. It will impress. I promised myself this much.

Discovered something today. Well, not really discovered, just understood it better. In “Adaptation”, Cage as Kaufman uses a voice recorder. I remembered wondering why he would use a voice recorder when he could have written it down on his computer. I was outside, having a coffee and talking my best friend about my idea and concept. We had a good discussion and DOH, I thought to myself I should write this down. Where was my computer, laptop or pen and paper? FREAKING NOWHERE? That’s right!

So next item on my purchase list after another Final draft for another computer (also on my list), a laptop, a new TV and a new life… A voice recorder. Yeah! That makes sense. I’ll be able to look like a lunatic talking to myself on the terrace. GO ME!

Financial support and donations are welcome by the way. Just email me about sending your money and I’ll be high-fiving the lot of you. I also misplaced my lotto ticket. So much for luck, eh?

Today being another sunny day, I decided to go out for a coffee and discussing my ideas further. Should be interesting to see what I could come up with. So for you readers and good friends, I’ll try to keep you updated a bit more.

Before the end of the summer. Just kiddin’