Sunday, July 23, 2006


KORN - Did my Time

Ladies and gentlemen, After a somewhat periodic smiling period and times filled with semi laughter and weeeeeee bits of fun, DMNY inc. is proud to present to you the awaited return of one little twisted, dark and odd worldy mind:My freaking own.

And down we go again. Smile. This is one moment anyone who knew my past work would go cheering about. No more funnies. No more melodramatic bullshit. Sure the world will go round and round. It does and always will be but the light in it is growing dimmer by the minute. I'm not being fatalistic here. I mean have you looked at the news lately? Yes, it always seem to have something to demoralize people. It's horrible, it's disgusting.Some will tell me to fight it. To come into the light and see that things can be better.


It's not going to go better. I'm not without a care in the world. I do have plenty on my plate but I have come to accept, AGAIN, that we live in a dark world. There are beautiful things out there in the light and yet, I feel that removing myself from them would allow me to see their beauty when I do come to peek out of the darkness I plunge myself willingly into. It would be hypocritical of me to say that I had no other choices. I do. I had selected my own. It brings me to life. It brings my writing to a better standing level. I do enjoy it and balance will come in time.

Beware though, I am no Goth, I don't always dress in black (I mean I might be dark doesn't mean I am suicidal enough to go out in this boiling temperature in black). It's not that my style is horror. It's close to it, mind you. I like my created world to be dark and twisted. Like some kind of stone labyrinth toppled by dark clouds. You never know what will be at the corner. You never want to wait in the safety of the open and hope nothing will happen. Things will happen and I do hope my writing will make it so that you will want to poke your head around the corner and see the sights I have promised myself to deliver.

So my project is going to be darker. It's seething through the beginning of Act II and I will hope it will show the darker aspects of the story I had started. I told myself I will try to keep the supernatural to a background and put more psychological fears into play. I got my mind set on a few things but they will wait until I finish this ongoing project. BH is still pretty much about my own experience of a Father-child relation. Sure, it has some fantasy aspects but the message should remain as I intended to be at the beginning: The work and sacrifice of a parent discovered by its child. Sounds easy and simple enough.

The month of August will all be about finishing that Act II and making sure it flows before I step into the final Act and conclusion of the story. All this thinking brought also some interesting ideas and concept for my other pet prject: Tenshi no Owari. Remember the anime series I started on? Yes, you got it. I have not forgotten about it. It's a long process and I don't think it will become any lighter than the first episode I've written a month and a half ago.

It's dark and dandy. I hope all of you keep on reading (since none of you seems to post other than email me directly...still wondering why this is happening. Someone got to tell me.)
I guess, I did want to say a little hello to all my blog readers out there. August is coming and it will be one hot and dark month for me.

Now, flush that light and look at the shadow. I'm there looking at you.