Sunday, July 09, 2006

Ticked off Bleus' fan!

It started as a passionate game. Sometimes, passion can fuel a lot of events that are not supposed to happen.Les Bleus had a few issues before the world cup and it showed at the beginning of the tournament. They eventually woke up and the cheers went out from fans all over the world.

It was Zizou' swan song. His last appearance on a football field and was given the chance to lead France's Bleus. This brought me to go on and watch or follow their games with a renewed fervor.They've beaten the favorites, the Brazilians, with a wonderful shot. They even smirked on Portugal to get to the final match. It would be an event to remember. Les Bleus would conquer the world cup one more time and allow Zizou to go into a blaze of glory.

Then, Italy Vs France happened.

A lot of pumped fans watching their respective team reach for the gold. At 110 minutes into the game, Zizou, who had scored a goal on a penalty shot, headbutted Matterazi on the chest. Something shitty happened. Zidane is known to be calm and reserved but will have outbursts of anger (as against Saudi Arabia in 2002). What happened? What did the Azzuri player said to upset Zidane on his last match?I started to shake. I knew he would be red carded and he was. I told myself there's a chance to do something here.

Les Bleus still had Viera and Henry in the game. Bad call on replacing Henry with Trezeguet. The game would go into extended time. It would then go into penalty shots and D.Trezeguet screwed up. His ball went to high.C'est la finale, David, t'as pensé a quoi pour tirer si haut? T'es pas un nouveau. C'est le Mundial. Je te réserve les huets que tu mérites. Honte à toi.

Yes, Zidane's action was a slap. There will be repercussions about this game. Tomorrow, at Les Elysés, the fans will not be happy. I predict a few police actions to cool off the possible frustration and anger in Marseilles, Paris and in the Midi. It's a passionate game.

The Italians won the 2006 Cup on a tirade that shouldn't have been. I'm saddened for Zidane. I'm saddened for France.I silently left out the café in tears. I hoped Zizou wouldn't have done what he did. This is not the final I was hoping for. I wanted a beautiful game without those cheap shots or without any penalty shots. Clean and dry, in the field.

Shame on us for lowering our standards and forgetting our cool. On aurait pu faire mieux. On aurait pu faire tellement mieux. Ca craint pas, c'est pire.

Chapeau par contre a Ribery, Henry, Sagnol et le reste des Bleus pour un effort qui malheureusement a fini en échec.

Here are the movies I've (re)watched over my vacation week:

Godfather Part II
Broken Flowers
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
The Matador
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Superman returns
Session 9

Read more than a couple of scripts as well and a couple of Chinese movies. I should be starting The Black Hammer - Act 2 this week.

It felt good to be at home and relaxing. Felt good to pick up some air and unwind. If anything, this free time confirmed to a lot of my friends that I am a night owl. I creatively work better during the evening and at night.

Oh yes, before I conclude this entry, someone emailed me about my previous entry and yes, my entries are not all meant to be coherent at times. Hence the title.