Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fumbling along the way

It's been again one busy month for me.

Not like my social life had improved in really big ways but I found myself more focused on the project I've started at the beginning of the summer. Fate of Deeds took a complete turn-around and directed into indie territories. Started in the darker genre well enough only to have realized there were too many holes in the outline and the structure.

I wasn't sure if it was the way I wanted to so I left it alone, thought and discussed it with friends and other scribes. Read and researched some more. I took my time to play with the outline a few times and made sure I had the story straightened up. Funny thing is that I did keep my characters intact. At least the foundation and feel for everyone of my protags and tweaked my antagonist around to adapt to this new story.

The background and idea remained the same. I haven’t really changed the emotional stand for them but yes, the concept is different. I wanted to write about family values and friendship. I needed to write this without having to fumble into too much of anything else. Sure, some would think it will then be the characters that will make the appeal in this spec. I’d like to think they would be right although I usually do try to balance both story and characterization as much as I can.

So it’s a study. It’s meant for the smaller market and there’s no special fx of any kind. Three main characters discovering each other through their little journey. Funny thing is I never thought of really writing in that genre, most of my readers know me as a dark/gothic/horror writer and nothing else. Funnier is the fact I have more fun writing drama than action. I wonder why this is.

I’ve also wised up in learning the craft. I use to rush head on with minimal outlining and focused a lot more on the research part. I try to make sure to balance everything I’ve learned and bent a few rules. Everyone will have a different opinion on how to write a script. Bottom line is that all are right in their own ways but it is up to me, as a writer, to find my own path and what way I want to go on for the rest of the script. I won’t be doing any voice over at the middle of the script. I’m not going to forget that my script has to stay constant in format.

I’m taking this idea of mine and building it so I can enter some competitions. Blue Cat or Nicholl…Who knows?
Right now, I got to finally really focus into what kind of stories I will come to tell. What kind of writer people should see me as? Dark or light, my stories have to touch readers the same way my short stories once did. It’s my call and I am still fumbling on that road of mine.

And I thought it would come easier to me.