Thursday, October 05, 2006

La baston reinventée / Reinvented Fight scenes

And there I have something to bring up to the fight scenes in my script. Sure, blades and guns are a part of the scenes along with martial arts and possibly the need for wire work. Yet, I need my scenes to be raw and real, to hit the screen in a mix of new style while remaining close to the traditional pieces I have in mind.

Kung-Fu? Muay Thai? Keysi Fighting Method (as used in Batman Begins)? Maybe...But my story happens to be in France and what better way to show off fencing and savate? What about incorporate a bit of parkour? Too new? Done already? Ah but, I have something in mind and given the period and the myths I am using in my script, this has yet to be brought to the audience. A boom after a bang, a swoosh after a ping...Act 1 shows but hints of what comes to be in Act 2.

And act 3? I intend to make it explosive. To bring horror and fantasy to step over what was only vindicated through special FX. Different than "The Matrix" and "Underworld", steps over the beauty of District 13 and Yamakazis. Battle scenes with a raging fury where grace, agility will blend completely with weapons and martial arts.

It's time for something new. It's time to nod to "Le Pacte des Loups" which had been a corner stone in my mind for period pieces and action. This is "A Glint Of Dark" and I am as excited as you to see this brought to a first stop. And the next step will be to bring it to either competition OR directly to the studios.

But here, let me leave you with a hint at how my characters would move in fights.