Thursday, December 21, 2006

DMNY likes Free Times

It's been a while since I've updated my blog but with all the negativity that happened recently, I thought I needed to give it some rest. Didn't take the restructuration that hard other than financially. Sure, I do miss my old job and the people I used to see on a daily basis but againI still think this is life. Nothing is eternal. I just wished they did the restructuration after the holidays if not only for the chances of finding another job quickly.

I should find a job pretty easily with my background (a HR lady from IBM kindly confirmed this) and maybe I ought to grab a job ASAP. Thing is, I know my worth and will not settle for anything less. I'm not some new brat on the block.and like IBM, I will continue to refuse positions until I find the right one. It'll allow me more time to write.

The extra time gave me plenty of opportunity to research on different subjects and matters for upcoming scripts. From Taoism to San Francisco's Chinatown, I've looked deeper until I was able to find the little hints I was unawarely looking for. It should be fun.

I've left GoD for the moment because of different factors. Factors which writers are divided upon. One of them is budget and cost of production. GoD is one of those projectsI feel will be very expensive to make. The background, the settings and the special FX alone would be tremendously expensive. Could turn into an animated movie for adults but I'm not in Japan and honestly, when have I seen an adult/horror animated movie from N.America?


I've listened to a lot of music and watched even more movies (classic and recent) than ever. Spent a lot of money to purchase loads of movies I didn't have or didn't see. I got to stop doing that with myfinancial status at the moment. After all, Xmas has been somewhat cancelled for me. No gift purchases and not asking for any.

I'll be spending Xmas day with family and Boxing day with friends. I'm not sure about New Year's eve, got a couple of invites but no idea if I'm going to accept any of them. I'm not really in any sort of festive mood.

No news whatsoever on MT friends, not even a blink. I guess I should turn the page on them but somehow, I still hold on to that part of my life. Silly emotional me.

Not much else to say. I will keep you folks updated on my misadventures in the real world.

Man, I do wish I had a blue pill.