Monday, January 08, 2007

DMNY likes his readers.

It's always been quite a personal debate of mine. Should I go into what is real close to my heart or go for what could be more of a monetary bargain?

Anime series or feature film screenwriting?

A lot of you have cheered me in either cases and have expressed your thoughts through emails. Thank you for believing in something I wasn't too sure to go into. It's true, it took me a few swings left and right to remind myself where I was.

I remembered Sandra; a friend and reader, telling me that my strength was in short stories and although they all seem to be tied to the same world. I figured during our last discussion, that she couldn't standreading 105+ pages but then again, I knew she had read a good amount of feature scripts before. It wasn't a defeat she said but another strength I had was in building characters and a mythos surrounding each of them. I thought about other friends and readers telling me the same thing before. Something I admit, I took the wrong way. I do apologize for that.

Right now, "Fall of Angels" is ongoing and I'm glad to announce that I've outlined and set up at least 4 other episodes. I hope I will be able to finish them before Spring. Each of themare still at 22 1/4 pages. So guys, no worries about Naomi, HJ and Mai...They are still on their way.

A few of you who had read the first episodes had mentioned how much you liked HJ and in the next episode, you will see more than meet the eyes. After that, I will focus a bit more on Naomi and bring her character out a bit more. It's the main idea though, letting the readers and hopefully the viewers to feel and grow a relationship with these characters. Of course, the main focus will always really be on Mai and you'll see that she is even more amazing thaneither HJ or Naomi. I promise you that much.

For those who don't know, "Fall of Angels" or Tenshi no Owari (TNO) is a personal anime project of mine I will hope to sell one day. Heck, I would even trade it just to be able to work in collaboration with one of theJapanese anime prod-cos. Anyhow, I'm disgressing here... TNO is more than just a swordman journey, more than magic and the battle between Heaven and Hell, more than the mix of techno-traditionalism seen in many anime...

It's a story about what three strangers can do together in face of insurmountable difficulties. I'd like to think of it as a journey of redemption. I intent to make this violent both mentally and physically for the characters. They will have plenty of chances to quit.Will they be strong enough to stand together and overlook their differences or will they simply quit and kill each other? I hope the readers/viewers will be able to see the light through this series.

There it is, a resolution for this year 2007 I'm willing to share with my readers.

I also like to give a cheer to all my readers:
- Andrew: Thanks for all the common sense and notes on the scripts and short stories. (SS/AS)
- Jenny: A smile to you for pushing me to go on, no matter my mood. (AS/FS)
- Damien: Bro, it's with a chuckle I read your notes. They hit right on the mark! (SS/AS)
- Sandra: Cheers for the criticism and the ideas. Always been the straight shooter. (SS/AS/FS)
- Stephane: You're a freaking encyclopedia of anime knowledge. Thank you for believing in me. (SS/FS)
- Chris: A great nod to you and thanks for the support you gave me the past couple of years. (AS/FS)
- Nick: Nods for some ideas and reading some of my first scripts. (FS)
- Jeff: Wonderful to count you along my readers. I know you're extremely busy and discussing with you is a pleasure. (AS/SS)
- Marc-Andre: Thanks to you and taking the time to read whatever I sent your way and replying to me.(FS/SS)
- Ruth: Thanks for the note and liking it. (AS)
- Priscilla: Thanks for the encouragement when you can afford the time.(SS/AS)
- Don: Cheers for someone who could have just brushed my passion away and supported me (FS)

If you are interested in reading and giving notes on my scripts, please email me directly with a movie/anime series review. I will then keep you updated.