Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Taking a step back...again?

It had to happen eventually.

I'm not cornered. No. It's something else. A direction into somewhere I might have looked into. Not sure why but I had not bothered to consider it before.

Pictures and stories. Features and series. It all whirlwinded down into one simple question:
What do I want to focus on? What is the love and attraction I feel? Movies? Absolutely. It's not even a matter of denying it anymore. I do love them. I do breathe them. The ultimate goal is HW but the question remains for me.

Where do I focus on? What do I push myself into?

I've written supernatural actioneers in scripts and in short stories. It won't stop. This isn't the question. There are different avenues in screenwriting. May it be movies or series, the little screen or the silver one. I have to start on one side so to evolve enough to plunge into the other.
What is my style? Of course I know it. Christopher did mention that the switch from novels to scripts is not always easy. In fact, in some cases, it might not work at all. So I got to consider what are my strengths and remember that my weaknesses can certainly be worked at. I can improve or I will simply die. It is like anything in life, imho.

Prose? Yes, it's still there, less so than before, but I tend to go at prosing too easily. Take the time, some say, but time is also one tough foe to beat. I can't just wind down until I can't enjoy the fruits of my labor. It has to start. I has to begin soon. All I've written up to now should be seen as evolution. A preparation for what will come.

Short stories? Yes. I love them. I think of them often enough since after all, this is where it all began for me. There it was. A note. A nod, even, toward something I denied myself to bark into. I feel like a snob. I should have analyzed each avenue. The quality of TV shows is absolute wonder compared to decades ago. There's no shame in being one that started with TV series. It allows more character development and that is a strength in me. People, who read my stories, had told me this. I should focus on it. I should develop it into something I love and still keep the background I want to put my writing into.

I won't stop the project I've embarked myself into. I will bring it to an end so the next avenue for me would make a bit more sense. See, the fact is that although I love movies, I also fell in love with anime. It's been a love story that has even preceded feature films. It's the same thing in another avenue. Live or Anime. TV or theater. It comes down to be the same in the end. It's a relief. I've tortured myself at finding an answer that was already in front of me.

Japanese Anime have different genres. The western world might think it's only for kids. Cartoons. Cuteness. I ought to show all of them what they've been missing. From porn (hentai) to horror to rom-com and comedy, it's all there. For all ages and style. It's not going to be easier than breaking into HW. Maybe I just love to complicate myself. It's my way. Slap myself and go walk on the long way. At least, I won't say to anyone I haven't tried. It's a business. It's all about taking chances. I'm all for that.

Was it a waste of time? Absolutely not. I continue as I can. Slowly but surely.I have no shame in admiting I looked at things the wrong way. It all has to start at one time. I'm exploring around and swimming through to HW. I'm glad the waves have pushed me a bit further. I will make the time to be ready...As a writer with no sales, I have that luxury. See what would work for me. Like I've said, ten years max to a sale, what are four little months?