Monday, January 01, 2007

Great New Year to all

Well, here it goes...2007

It's going to be a year to tough it up and survive. It will also be a year of straightening up and pushing harder than before.

A lot will be proven and a lot more will be questioned but at the end of it all, I got to still stand up and walk. This will be no time to think about the past and what could have been. 2007 will be the next step into the 'death march' aka CE's path of writers. Why not? It's not being pessimistic, it's being realistic about this passion. You write or you don't. You dream about what you want and working hard at it. No one will do it for me. No one will do it for you. Other than a nod, something must be shown before anyone can expect a helping hand.

I understood it will take me time to be where I want to be. I also realized it will require determination, sacrifices and persistence to be able to achieve my goal. Talent and skills are but one facet (albeit a big one) required in screenwriting. Never give up. Never let anyone put you down. No matter what, this is your dream...And because I don't have anything else to lose, this happens to turn into my life.

Yes, there are plenty of resolutions to be taken and made through this year. I got a couple and Hell, I am going to get through it and reach the next step. After all, a lot of you have shown faith and trust in me...I'm not one to let anyone down. Especially not letting myself go down that barrel again. Been there, done that and like I've said, I've got no place but to go up.

2007? Bring it! My knuckles are already ripped anyway.