Monday, September 04, 2006


Reverse of the medal

Yin and Yang.

No, I'm not trying to be philosophical here. Just thought it was interesting to see how my mind actually work at times. Especially when it comes down to writing and the creativity I try to explore and pour into words. Of course, everyone knows there's always a reverse side to anything. Always a plus and a minus, a good and a bad, a light and dark side.

So yes, I am writing on 2 different projects. Maybe not the brightest idea but man, do I ever feel better when I write. I can focus on the dark side of things with my gothic Action tale and deal with my lighter side on the ongoing little family drama. One is filled with special fx, most of them I believe to be low budget while others are going to be more expensive...And all of it happens during Napoleonic times. If I was listening to a few fellas out there, I would probably never sell this one. Who said it couldn't be a good assessment of my writing abilities, eh?

The other one is still about what I came to write during the Summer. I'm definitely having fun with that and hope to finish it in time for the Nicholl's. A few of you have encouraged me to go ahead and I really thank you for it (especially if it advances anywhere). After four scripts and an ongoing anime project, these will be my fifth and sixth. Talk about keeping the spirit up. Not easy at times. I can tell you that much.

I'm happy though, I'm writing as much as I can and it makes me feel liberated. Having all those ideas in my head kinda keep me up at nights. Some of my friends ask me how I can keep up with everything else. How I do make time for my writing and the research that goes along with it. I usually just tell them it comes from passion. If I go further, passion brings dedication into my mind. Dedication brings perfectionism...Two sides of the medal. So yes, I do come back to my writing, scrap a lot and change it around. Good thing is, I don't need to slap my forehead anymore. The wall is amazing, tyvm.

I take a lot of time to research, outline and write. As soon as I get home from work, my mind focuses mostly on my writing and when not, I can be found 'relaxing' over at DD. So yes, that's my excuse on not writing on my blog as much as I should. I'm really trying though so there's that much. After all, wouldn't you just rather see me writing on my script than posting on my blog? Huh? HUH?

Long week-end and what a nice week-end. Plenty of fun, writing and more...well...writing. Yes! Been pretty aloof on anything social this summer. After a few attempts on addressing my social standing, I realized I've utterly failed at anything not included in my writing parameters. Got to balance it out eventually. I certainly will try to arrange something better next summer. In the meanwhile, I got plenty of time to write. Something must be wrong here. I am still smiling.

Ah yes, received also a couple of emails from past stories readers asking me if I will come back to write in short story form. Well, since I'm way to lazy to respond to them by email and knowing they do come here to read my blog, here is my answer. Yes and no. Okay? Right, I do write in short story form to give me an extra feel on my script and no, I will not put them anywhere online as I previously did. Sorry, fellas but thanks for the nod anyway.

So, I got more than 90 days to finish these two ongoing scripts if my mind doesn't go bye-bye on me before.

Valium....Hmmmmmmmm Hmmmmmm...

And on a personal note: Priscilla, if you read this...Good luck with the coming teaching terms...I really miss you. <3

HEY! Who said it was all business?