Monday, April 17, 2006

Intro the the lower stratos...


It seems to be the hardest thing to do.

Story telling is no more about just sitting in front of a fire and telling your pals some scary story you thought of. It's no more a time where I could have picked an harp and sang my way in courts...It's so much more than anything people would believe it to be.

It's life...

So why tell my stories as screenplays?

It could have been different and maybe there would be other paths to get my writing done...Even read?

Alas for me, I've always been visual, always been smitten by the moving images.

So flashes of lights, smiles and tears...The sound of a plane to the melodious sadness of a flute. It all comes down to the senses.
My senses reflected into your eyes.

I fumbled my way down to read some scripts and joined a couple of forums (Done Deal Pro and 2Adverbs) to ease myself into the process of writing spec scripts. Because you know, all writers have to feel a bit special knowing there should be some support from peers? Right.

No denial, there are some amazing people out there I've been lucky enough to call friends (as weird as it sounds online...Welcome to the virtual world I guess.) and others with unfathomly incredible power (Yes Christopher...Deny it all you want).
I've learned a few things and got myself in the frame of mind of what I should be doing over the next decade. Yes, much like Ted Elliott, I've decided I must sell a script within the next 10 years. So work as much as I can...Harder everyday. Why a blog then?
What do you think friend? A writer, after all, must write. This is but another medium.

And from the short stories to poetry BACK to short stories and then throw in some lyrics, I think I pretty much covered it all since my youth. That was never enough. I wanted to bite harder, bigger.

Here came the novel story...Here came a project I'd worked on for the past couple of years. Hell, I've made over 350 pages until a couple of friends told me how descriptive my writing was.

"Hey man, what about making this into a movie?"

Well of course, I was taken by surprise. Not because I never thought of movie making, my writing was really a secret hope for someone to pick-up and eventually turn it into a feature film.
So why not wait? Why not finish what I was doing?

Honest to God, I felt like I've been lying to myself. I felt the need to breathe what I've always hope to do...And start over where I should have been doing for the past couple of years.

Too late? Never!!!

I'm not going to flaunt my own skills...I didn't have any when I was born. I learn, I strive, I fall and get back again.
In the end, I do get better. I always did, and since it is the desire I've always had since childhood...I won't be put down.

And this passion is burning me to a crisp.

Don't you dare point that fire extinguisher.