Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Recess, is it?

The thought of being able to participate in 2A's logline lottery had been preoccupying more of my mind than it should. Sure, it gives me the opportunity to compete and get a reward from CL's office at ICM but as my luck goes, I didn't win it this time. I have to be honest and say that I was disappointed.

Sure, one of my new online buddy (Roscoe P...mark that name, he's coming up sooner than later) have been chosen. Should be making this an interesting round while I try to give some little insight on what or what not should be part of a logline. I've read and commented on all the chosen #s. It's going to be the first I'm participating into and there are quite a few good premises and concepts out there.

But ideas are available to everyone while the success comes into the execution of it.
I wish all my 2A's mates the best of luck. I do hope one of them make it to something bigger. I'm honestly not sure how many have been able to do anything out of that contest. Were they able to option or sell those scripts? Hmmm...Mystery that will need to be answered.

Brainwave before I lead myself to bed. I've read Roscoe's script called "Shotgun Wedding" and lightly commented on his work. Good imagination, very good ideas and excellent character developments on most of the main ones. Roscoe is, and should be, a comedy writer. Can't seem to see him in any other genres but who knows? Writers like us have the possibility to surf and board any kind if enough time and research are made.

Tried my hand at one (my 2nd script...Obviously still unfinished) but I can't say I had a love for the genre. My second script turned out to be more drama than anything else. I wonder if it really means I'm as stiff as some of the geeks I've seen at the book store today. Nothing wrong with being a geek really...Honestly. Stop staring at me like that.

Ah yes, I am again sliding away from the topic I had in mind. It's the beauty of a blog now: To be able to brain puke as much as I want to. Bear with me friends.

I sent out my 3rd script "Dark Glimmer" to a couple of good pals to see what they think of it. I mean really, it's my 1st FINISHED script. Hope they will be able to see some improvements and evolution in my writing. Hell, they might even hear/read my voice in it. I certainly hope so. I will keep you posted (Am I talking to myself? Good God)

So I've reworked on the outline of my 4th script and in the process of rewriting my 4th script "Spirited Hearts" a blend of supernatural actioneer and romance...And funny enough, I'm finding myself to love that outline even more. So after a few bangs on the wall, I sat down and started to rearrange everything YET again. Some of you would wonder why it takes so long to write a spec? That's my pointer. Sadly. Thankfully. It now stands at a whooping 94 pages and I think I see it at a dozen pages more. Length is of the essence? It's costing me more hardship and headaches but like I've said. I like the idea on how it will look now.

I've asked a buddy of mine if I should post straight (read serious) and more informative posts in my blog. You know, down to dirt sort of posts I see in a lot of different blogs. Told me I should post as I feel like doing. After all, I'm not looking to get paid for puking my non-sense here.
So right, puking on the blog posting and serious smack on the script. Got it? I am trying to.
Haven't been on DDP much recently. A few posts here and there but nothing like I used to. Maybe I got script slapped (oh yes) and focused on more research and writing...And if I'm not writing my script, I'm writing in this blog (hopefully) or in the 2 forums you see on the right links section.
I'm going to try to continue doing so. Staying free and babble off here while I take my serious beret and post in a more serious tone everywhere else.
Sometimes, it's good to be home, fellas.